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Everyone struggles with disorganization. But most don’t like to talk about it or deal with it, because it takes a certain vulnerability that’s pretty scary.

I was scared myself for a long time. But now I believe that all of our often-imperfect journeys to organization show us that...

We're Not Alone!

Below, I’ll share my story, which I hope inspires you and causes you to stop and reflect on how much a new, simplified, organized lifestyle is well within your reach! Well, here goes…!

I’ve been a Professional Organizer for 4 years. My amazing husband, Doug, and I live in a 550 sq. ft. studio apartment in Mount Pleasant with our dog, Amber.  Even though I’m the Organizer in the family, I’m not even the most decluttered person in my own house (Doug takes the cake there!).

Truthfully, I was pretty disorganized for most of my life. My parents and I battled constantly about the piles of stuff that littered my bedroom floor.  

Even into my 20s, my work space and living space was usually bouncing between “organized chaos” and “complete disaster”.

It was like a riddle I couldn’t solve.  

But for some strange reason, I loved organizing for other people. So I spent months studying the best organizing principles and strategies I could find, and I started a Professional Organizing business in 2013.

As I helped my clients organize, one theme kept coming up that gave me a glimpse into my own personal organizing struggles as well as larger issues that affect us all.  

I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, maybe you know how it feels to project an image- of business, of motherhood, of marriage or friendship- that isn’t totally true. It eats at you from the inside.

Even though I was a professional organizer, I still struggled personally with clutter and disorganization.

Yes, I was super busy, working three jobs, running my own business, totally overwhelmed…but I felt so incongruent telling other people to get organized when I had a lot of work I needed to do on myself.

Then after about 9 months of working with clients and wrestling with my dilemma, I hit a major breakthrough:
Organization Isn’t the Problem!

The media, magazines and online “resources” will have you think that all your organizing problems can be solved by pretty bins, or cute shoe racks.  

But the fact is that everyone’s (yes, everyone’s) organizing issues are fundamentally about having too much stuff.  

That’s right, the less stuff you have, then less frequently you need to straighten up and the less time it’ll take you to do it.

I went back into my own home armed with this new perspective, and the transformation was immediate and mind-blowing.  

If Doug and I didn’t LOVE or frequently use something, we got rid of it. I was done spending hours organizing all my crap but wondering why my home still felt crowded and…stressed.

Within six months, we went from a 3 bedroom apartment to our 550 sq. ft. one-room studio.  

I would have laughed you out of the room if you told me a few years ago that I’d be living in a studio with another person and a dog. But life’s crazy, right?

After using my own life as the testing ground, I started really emphasizing the decluttering aspect of organizing more than ever with my clients.  

Instead of coming in and organizing the chaos, which I knew would just be a temporary solution, we focused more on getting rid of the chaos BEFORE we actually started organizing.

We’re addressing the CAUSE, not the symptom. See, the physical organizing of stuff is pretty straightforward. Categorize. Assign a Home. Execute and Maintain.

The emotional part is the real challenge. Getting to a place where you actually WANT to pare down what you have because you KNOW it’s going to positively change your life and your family’s life forever.

So THAT’S my ultimate goal for you, to show you that...

You Are So Much More Than Your Stuff.

Alright, well you’ve just dipped your toe into the rabbit hole. The only question now is, “How deep do you want to go”?

As Tony Robbins says, “Change happens the instant you make a new, congruent and committed decision”.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’ve already made that decision, so congratulations!

  When you’re ready, I'm here for you to help you clear the clutter from your life :)

And Last But Not Least...
As any of our friends would tell you, the "About Us" for Doug and I can't end without mention of our "little lady" Amber, the Lhasa Apso.  She's 8 years young, full of love and I bet she can make even the saddest person smile with one of her famous cuddles :)

And as you can see, Amber keeps a messy desk ;)
September 14, 2017 Update:

Please visit our new website at www.TheNeatBoutique.com for current info on how we can help you with your home organization needs!