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"The whole family is happy!"

"I highly recommend Organizing By Jen. My original project was in the kitchen and laundry room. But she was so helpful, I asked her to also organize a few closets upstairs and book shelves in our family room. Jen found solutions to very difficult situations in our house. The whole family is happy! Jen is a pleasure to have in the house. She is always on time and communicates well about expectations and pricing. Her estimate was right on target." 

 ~Eleanor Kuhl, Downtown Charleston​

"Huge help to our family!"

Jen was such a huge help to our family! We have five people living in a small space and she really helped us to declutter and get organized! She has great suggestions on how to help kids keep their toys and personal items organized and within reach. We highly recommend Jen!!

~Danielle Tamez, Mount Pleasant

"5 Star Integrity, Service, Follow-up...Brilliant in her field"

5 Star Integrity, Service, Followup - Jen is an incredibly talented organizational professional and brilliant in her field. She loves what she does and is so helpful in bringing order to chaos in the house or office. I highly recommend her and she will not disappoint.

~Nate DePore, Sullivans Island

"Jen helped me stay on track and get organized...highly recommend"

I can not tell you how invaluable I found Jen's services. I had the daunting task of packing up 7 years of "stuff" for an upcoming move. Jen helped me stay on track, get organized and decide what to get rid of. I would highly recommend her service!

~Stacey Segal, Charleston

"Gave me motivation...she is amazing!"

Jen was a huge help! Not only did she completely transform my kitchen but she also gave me the motivation to do the same throughout my house. I am certain I will be calling upon her again! She is amazing!

~Ivy Mehaffey, Hanahan

"Your Professionalism and expertise was a lifesaver"

"Your professionalism and expertise was a lifesaver for our recent moving experience. We would never have made our packing deadlines without your assistance, and not ONE item was broken! It doesn’t get any better than that!"  

~Lisa Sneed, Charleston

"Made the rooms feel so much bigger"

"We are very unorganized people and had major space issues in our house. Jen was able to help us not only de-clutter, but made the rooms feel so much bigger, helping us utilize the space we had in a much better way. She is fantastic at what she does. I highly recommend her."

~Lindsay Tompkins, Mount Pleasant

"Got me over a huge hurdle"

"I am absolutely loving what we did!! It got me over a huge hurdle that I had been putting off. It was also a great jumping off point and has motivated me to work on other areas!!! Thanks so much!""

 ~Kate M., Mount Pleasant

"Amazing knack for organizing"

Jen has an amazing knack for organizing and can easily visualize what a space should ideally look like. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some help in organizing everything from a small pantry to a big garage.

~Bill Joy, Johns Island

"My kitchen is now my favorite room!"

"Thank you so much for your organizing help! My kitchen is now my favorite room!"

 ~Martha M., Mount Pleasant

"Thank you Jen for making our life manageable!"

"My husband and I are mid-sixty and I use a rolling walker to get around and he has balancing issues! We called Jen in a desperate attempt to get our kitchen in order and she was amazing! I can now find what I'm looking for and reach whatever I need in the pantry of our small kitchen! She helped us get rid of items we hadn't used in so long that we couldn't find or reach.  
We felt so happy with the results that we decided our spare bedroom needed organizing & the large walk-in closet! Jen did such an awesome job there too so we called her back again to handle our master bedroom with walk-in closet! Now we dress with ease each day & have only what we need and use on hand!  We should have found Jen years ago as it feels wonderful to get up and look at everything in its place and our treasures in sight!  Thank you so much Jen for making our life manageable! We highly recommend anyone needing organization to call her. We are very happy we did!"  

~Adrien Caroll, James Island

"Why didn't I do this sooner!"

"Jen, thank you so much for the amazing work you did in my home office! Not only does it look great, but it’s inspired me in my work, too. Honestly, I was nervous about having someone come into my space and change things around - but now the only thing I keep thinking is “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”  I think about what a difference your work has made every time I step foot in my office and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now I’m just trying to think what rooms in my house I’m going to have you do next!"  

~Elaine D., Mount Pleasant

"Your help was life-changing!"

My place did not feel like a home until I found Jen. I knew I needed help, and badly. I moved into a new townhouse and started a full-time career at the same time- on top of other major events that took place. I also had clients coming to my place for makeup, am a jewelry merchandiser and started a modeling career all at once. I have a lot of inventory to say the least. There were just too many things on my plate. When I would get home from work, I was exhausted. The last thing I wanted to do was organize or clean. My 2 master bedrooms turned into rooms where I just threw stuff.. the floors were covered in clothing. My makeup was everywhere. My jewelry and business supplies were scattered between my rooms. My place gave me anxiety. The rooms upstairs got so bad that I moved my bed to my living room floor. I never wanted to stay, a place that should have been my escape turned into a place that I wanted to escape. Every opportunity I had, I would try to stay somewhere else and pretend my unorganized place didn't exist. My anxiety and ADHD had me feeling hopeless. Every time I mustered up so energy to organize, I got nothing accomplished. 

Jen and I set up 10 hours, 2 days of 5 hours on the weekend. What would have taken me an eternity flew by with her help. She helped me figure out what I really needed, and what could be donated. I did't even realize how much I had that I could cleanse from my life. What I used to hold onto seemed easy to let go of with her help. Her process is great, started one task at a time so things don't get too overwhelming. My main goals were to get my bed out of my living room, turn that into an organized space with a desk, and have a peaceful and organized bedroom. With Jen's help, I got both. 

Jen also organizes in a way that is sustainable for your lifestyle. I have two closets in my room, which we decided to separate into business and casual/going out wear. And my drawers have never looked so good! All of my makeup and jewelry displays were in my living room as well. We were able to go through all of that and fit every thing into two bins, narrowed down from 5! 

Having an organized space has reduced my anxiety and allows me to enjoy the space I have and finally call it a home. Jen is very talented and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a little or a lot of help.. I needed a lot! Jen is also not the judgmental type. I didn't feel embarrassed having her over because I knew that her help was desparately needed. It has been a couple weeks and I am still keeping up with the organization. I put everything back in its place when I am done with it, take care of my clothing right away and have space for everything. I can finally breathe again knowing that I can have guests over and not be nervous about them seeing what was once a disaster zone. 

Thank you again so much Jen, your help was life changing!

~Alexandra O'Brien, Charleston